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Please allow me to thank you for your OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND PRODUCTS!

Your quality dog food and supplements have really been effective in treating my dog for his wheat, skin, and coat allergies.  I have a Shiba Inu (Rocco) that loves the California Natural - his favorites are the chicken and lamb.  I also give him the Wild Salmon that you recommended and he takes it right out of my hand and chews it up.  His skin and coat are thick, shiny, and healthy!

I really appreciate your easy to use and informative website.  I find all the information and products I need quickly and it's simple to place my order.  I also want to thank you for processing my orders so fast.  I live in Virginia and when I place my order on your website, it's processed and often shipped the same day.  WOW!  That's great service.

 Thank you again for helping me keep Rocco healthy and happy!

- Laurie
I love going to Gourmet Doggie Diner, the girls are always so nice to me.  I can talk to them for hours. There is nothing I don’t like in that store.  I inhale everything that they can give me in Gourmet Doggie Diner.  I really love the beef liver jerky and Spritz cookies.  I also love the bully sticks and the bones with the marrow in them.  I am also a fan of the birthday cake.  My mom got me one for my 1st Birthday back in December and all the puppy guests loved it. Mmmmmm!
- Hennessy
Firstly, thank you very much for calling and checking on Diesel. So far, the food recommendation of the Simple Wellness (not 100% sure of the name) has been good.  Her stools are better without the pumpkin and she hasn’t thrown it up yet.  I still have her on the prednisone (just 1 pill every third day of 20 mg).  She is about 50/50 with her old dog food yet.  I have her scheduled to be on 100% “Simple Wellness” (I apologize if I have the name incorrect) within 10 days (from the start of the switchover) – she is on day 5.
- Lisa
  I LOVE your cookies and turkey bites!!  My mommy feeds me Innova puppy food and I have never been happier!!  Please don't stop making me yummy healthy treats!!
- Bear
I go everywhere with my family.  I love to go for rides especially when the trip is to Gourmet Doggie Diner. All of my great food comes from this diner.  The best part of visiting Gourmet Doggie Diner is seeing Tosha and Barb.  They always greet me with a warm welcome and then cater to all of my needs.  Never once have they missed allowing me to sample the many available homemade treats.  If it was up to me, we would purchase all of their treats.
- Libby

Abbie is loving her Syn-flex and gobbles it up as fast as she can!  She's been on the med now for just over a week and I do believe I'm starting to see improvement. She generally sleeps in bed with me but hasn't jumped onto the bed for some time. Last night, up she came under her own power! Also, when I'm out and about, in the past she would hop onto the sofa when she heard my car coming in order to look out the window and again, hasn't done that in months. A couple of nights ago, I was pleased to see her in the window when I drove into the driveway. Yahoo! I'm hoping it's a good sign of things to come!  

Three weeks later - I wanted to give you an update regarding Abbie and the Syn-flex. She's a different little dog! Hopping up onto the sofa and bed have become a 'breeze' for her! So much like the 'old' Abbie!  She's quicker to get up after snoozing and she's playing much more with goose, my almost 11 month old English Cocker.  She's her old self.....playing with the puppy, jumping up onto the bed or sofa. It's so nice to have my bed buddy back. I can't thank you enough for your help.

- Charlene


Misty is 12 yrs. old & on Apr. 6, 2008 will be 13 - she was starting to show her age about a year ago. She's never eaten table food, only commercial dog food and then we found "Gourmet Doggie Diner" She now has the ENERGY & SPUNK of a puppy again. Truthfully, people cannot believe her age - Gourmet Doggie Diner is ALL she eats. She knows when she wakes up, gets dressed, she runs downstairs & sits by the microwave and stares (I warm it up for her). She loves her food as mush as us! Give your pet the best for Christmas. Give them Gourmet Doggie Diner. I GUARANTEE it will be in Misty's stocking!

- Cindy

Schaden has enjoyed EVERYTHING I have brought home from Gourmet Doggie Diner for her to try.  In fact, when switching to a new food you are supposed to mix it so your dog does not become sick - she just  decided to discard all her old food by putting it in a pile outside of her dish. She just loves her "gourmet" food!! Her new favorite treat is the bones; she sat in front of the garbage crying when I had to throw her first one away, now she knows we have more.
- Andrea
Molly is our baby. She is our constant companion, travel partner and family.  So.. it’s easy to spoil her. Wow, what a difference Gourmet Doggie Diner food made at mealtime for Molly.  We use the entrees to spike her dry dog food (we use to use whatever we were eating…) Molly now does circles at meal time when her bowl comes out and she finishes her meal, leaving us alone to enjoy our food.  Her favorite is the Turkey (I think…)
- Bill and Deb
I just want to thank you for making healthy homemade foods and treats, the Gourmet Doggie Diner food and treats are a hit here. My dogs drool all over the floor while waiting for the package to be opened. My dogs give Gourmet Doggie Diner a Four Paws Up rating. We will be definitely be getting more!
- Allison

I recently heard from a friend about Gourmet Doggie Diner meals, so I decided it was worth a try. I have two Pomeranians, a male 10 years old and a female 7 years old.  They are both pretty healthy, other than some dental issues. I've always fed my dogs human food since they were both puppies; so they depend on that. Since the first time they had the cookies, it was love at first bite.  I usually give them each a half piece of cheese in the morning before leaving for work.  Now I am giving them a cookie and a couple pieces of the beef treats.  They love it.  I don't think they miss the cheese at all.  As soon as Bear sees me going to the refrigerator and pulling out the treats, he is whining, wagging his tail and pouncing on my feet. Sable tries to snag his piece before I can get a piece for her. I decided to give Gourmet Doggie Diner a try because I want my dogs around for a long time, and as they are getting older and more susceptible to disease. I think the Gourmet Doggie Diner, home cooked meals are going to soon replace the Science Diet kibbles they've been eating for years. Plus it's still the human food they love, so I don't feel that I am depriving them of the food they love.  I have been replacing the Beef Dinner for table scraps after dinner each night, and you know what, they don't know the difference. I feel good about giving my dogs these products, and now that they've had a taste, I have no choice but to continue getting it for them.  Thanks Gourmet Doggie Diner for all the hard work and time you put into these great dinners and treats.

 - Diane
Maggie is my companion and my friend, not just my pet. She is a bossy spoiled little pom who loves her treats. In fact she only wants them, nothing else will do! The Gourmet Doggie Diner gives her a variety of flavors of treats and dinners that are yummy and healthy. We plan to be together for a long time. It’s my responsibility to make good choices for her and the Gourmet Doggie Diner helps.
- Val 

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