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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks

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  • Prevent yellow burn patches
  • Filters impurities from dog's water bow
  • Won't change dog's PH
  • Mined in Australia
DogRocks® are a new product mined in Australia that helps prevent those nasty yellow burn patches from appearing on your lawn. Dog Rocks® have been laboratory tested and is safe for your pet(s).

Provided in a 200g bag.

Dog Rocks® are a 100% Natural Australian product that will save your lawn from those nasty burn patches that your Dog's urine can cause.

Dog Rocks® filter out impurities from water such as Tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities are usually passed out through urine, and when your grass comes in contact with these elements it is burned, resulting in a dead, yellow patch on your lawn.

Dog Rocks® give your four legged friend a cleaner source of water, while also stopping the cause of those nasty burnt yellow patches on your lawn. Without the impurities in the water, Dog Rocks® actually help your dog fertilize your lawn! This is great for you, your dog & your lawn!

Dog Rocks® are made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock which is known to increase Boron, Barium, Mangenese and Strontium while decreasing tin levels in water.


- My husband and I got tired of the yellow burnt marks on our lawn from our dog. We tried everything, expensive chewable tablets, dog foods, vitamins, tomato juice pretty much any and all "save your lawn" concoctions. Her neighbor had been watching "Good Morning America" and they had someone talking about "Dog Rocks". At that time they were not imported into the US so she ordered them straight from down under. She swore by them. Well the darn things work.
Kim Felty, Strathford, CT
- I have been using Dog Rocks for 2 years now in New Jersey and they have worked great! I noticed on your website in the tips section that you recommend being persistant if your dog takes the rocks out. My dog always took them out…what I have done for 2 years has been to keep a 2 liter pitcher with rocks in it. It has worked just fine. I’m a big proponent of Dog Rocks!!
Brian Donnelly, New Jersey
- The Dog Rocks are really effective. Even my husband who was very skeptical at first, admitted that they really work. No more yellow/brown spots on our lawn!

Donna Kellner, Garden Grove, CA

- Our 10 year old Tibetan Terrier, Tashi, is a much loved female dog whose toilet habits meant that a section of our lawn would never grow. I started using "Dog Rocks" 6 months ago (in both her indoor and outdoor water bowls) and gradually that section of lawn has regrown - an amazing result.


- "We had to replace our backyard's lawn last December due to burn marks from our two Dalmatians - since then we have used Dog Rocks with great success - our lawn is now healthy and green!!"
Anna & Jason Wright
- My husband was very sceptical about the new Dog Rocks and I was a little worried because it had been working but it now seemed it wasn’t. It was than I realised our puppy was now spending time both inside and out and although I had a dog rock in his inside bowl I had forgotten about the outside bowl! Guess what, my husband’s lawn no longer has the brown dead spots and he is now a believer.
Kylee Elkington
- Dear Dog Rocks, We tried everything and nothing has worked on our lawn like Dog Rocks. It has never looked better.Dog Rocks are the way to go.
Sarah Vizard


- "My two Jack Russell's have always left the trademarks in our small backyard. After using Dog Rocks, we have seen a huge difference in our lawn and highly recommend 'Dog Rocks' to anyone. It really works!!"
Linda from Bizworks.
- "We have two large German Sheperd dogs, one male one female, and have NEVER been able to maintain a decent lawn. Since using your Dog Rocks our lawn has never been greener without the usual yellow dead patches. We have tried every available product in the past and this is the only one that has ever worked."
Sandy Meckiff


- "It's not until the Dog Rocks wear off that you really notice how wonderful this product is in maintaining green grass without those unsightly yellow patches. As our garden has no tree trunks for Sam our male cocker spaniel to cock his leg, our lawn was burnt by his urine until I was introduced to Dog Rocks - now we have luscious green lawn with no yellow patches - fabulous! The mineral properties in Dog Rocks have saved our lawn from unsightly yellow patches resulting from dog urine. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. What an amazing product - it really does eliminate the yellow patches dogs create when they squat in our suburban back garden."
Liz Bostock


- I just wanted to let you know how great my lawn is looking now Molly (my Jack Russell) is on Dog Rocks.Our back garden was looking very patchy due to the dog urinating on the grass, but after 3 weeks I could notice a real difference...lots of new growth and no more burn patches. I'm sure with Spring around the corner we will be able to enjoy our garden once again.
Meredith Kelly

-Dear Dog Rocks, So pleased with the Dog Rock, the lawns look great now, no patches.

Regards, Helen

Naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock
Directions for use:
  • Remove the rocks from the bag and rinse.
  • Place no more than 2 liters (3.25 PT) of water in your dogs water bowl
  • Add all the rinsed rocks to your dogs water bowl.
You should start to notice a change in your lawns appearance within 5 weeks. New patches should not appear.

Recommended for best results:
  • Replace the Dog Rocks every 2 months (diary sticker is included)
  • Ensure your dog's water bowl is your dog's main water source. Drinking from pools, toilets, ponds and jacuzzies will hinder the results
  • Top up rather than replace the water every day. When replacing the water, do so when the dog is least likely to consume large amounts, say at night before bed.
    • You may also keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator with the dog rocks in it and replace your dogs daily drinking water with the pitcher water.
Dog Rocks WILL NOT help you mend already damaged grass, however you won't see any new spots appear.
Dog's with extremely high protein diets or that consume high protein treats on a daily basis may not get the full benefit of Dog Rocks. 

1 small pack of Dog Rocks is good in one dog's water bowl for 2 months.

1 bulk pack of Dog Rocks is good for one dog's bowl for 6 months or multiple dogs bowls for 2 months.


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