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Musher's Secret
60g Container

Mushers Secret Dog Paw Protection

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Made from 100% Natural Waxes.

Protect Your Dog From:
  • Salt and Chemicals
  • Ice build-up
  • Snowballing
  • Sand and sandburn
  • Hot pavement
  • Rough terrain
Musher's Secret - the invisible boot. Provided in a 60g Container.

Musher's Secret is a dense, barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws. Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs, it provides tenacious protection even in the most extreme conditions.

Safe and Natural Made from a blend of several food-grade waxes, then refined according to our our own special formulations, Musher's Secret is the safe, non-toxic way to protect your dog's paws. The semi-permeable shield is absorbed into the paws, allowing perspiration to escape through the toes.

No need to worry,if your dog has gotten into the Mushers Secret and eaten some of the product. Other than a mild laxative effect there have been no ill effects. All waxes are super-emulsified, "food grade" and will cause no harm.

Mushers will not stain carpets or furniture

No need to wash your hands after applying to your pet! With Musher's Secret rub it in you will love the way your skin feels afterward.

It makes a great barrier for the skin when skiing, running in winter or any outdoor activity in harsh weather.

You can use Musher's Secret with complete confidence in it's safety.
Suggested Directions: Depending on the activity level of your dog. Mushers will "walk off" in about a week. In snowy conditions,I use it 2-3 times a week (we walk 2 miles a day). In snowy weather, be sure to spread Mushers up in between the pads to prevent snowballing.

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