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Natural Care for Dog Allergies and Cat Allergies

Unfortunately allergies affect many pets and for many different reasons. There may be food allergies, environmental allergies, airborne allergies or even pest allergies that can affect your dog or cat in many ways.

Shop our natural alternatives to fighting pet allergies. This is possible with holistic remedies, supplements, diet changes, herbal remedies, immune builders and more.

View common allergy symptoms.

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Vets Best - Ear Relief Wash
Vets Best Ear Relief Wash
Item #: 100217 - Great for long-eared dogs. This soothing mix of Chamomile soothingly cleans ears and eases scratching, redness and soreness due to waxy buildup and keeps the ear canal fresh. Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash contains a soothing mix of Chamomile, Yucca and Clove Oil to bring fast relief to itchy, irritated smelly ears. This non-stinging, alcohol-free solution controls odor...
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    Products 1-1 of 1

    Dog Allergy and Cat Allergy Symptoms

    Every pet can have different reactions for allergies. It isn't always the obvious itching and scratching or chewing on their paws. Other pet allergy symptoms may include:

    • Frequent ear infections
    • Yeast (brown waxy) residue in the ears and often smell
    • Hair loss
    • Loose Stools or Diarrhea
    • Frequent Paw Chewing
    • Frequent Scratching
    • Little red bumps or hives on skin
    • Frequently clogged anal glands
    • Tear stains in the corner of the eyes or water eyes
    If your dog or cat is experiencing any of these symptoms year around, they probably have a food allergy.  Common dog food allergies are wheat, corn, soy, by-products, chicken and chemical preservatives. Check the ingredient panel on your pets food. A change in your dog or cat's food will likely resolve the issue.

    If you pet is experiencing more seasonal allergies when spring or fall is coming on, they likely have an environmental allergy. Your dog or cat may be reacting to a certain type of pollen or grass, just like we do. An immune builder may help strengthen your dog or cat's immune system to help build a resistance to this type of allergy.

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